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Up to 60% off at Tenpin

up to 60% off

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about Tenpin

Voucher Codes for Tenpin
Tenpin is a bowling recreation centre offering 150 venues throughout the UK from some of the major national tenpin bowling centres such as AMF Bowling, Hollywood Bowl, Lakeside Superbowl, Namco, Bowlplex, UK Superbowl as well as other smaller family owned bowling alleys. Tenpin is committed to ensure every customer having the most amazing time. Its a great day or night out and everyone from all age can do it – with computerised lanes, ramps and bumpers. Feeling bored at home? Want some fun to do with family or friends? Try Cosmic Bowling! Lights  go down, pin glow bright and best chart choices or classic favourites music are play. Bars are fully stocked and bowl under the UV lights. Tenpin offers various Activities such as the Quasar / Laser. Lead your friends or family or solo through a futuristic landscape, navigating ramps, gangways, strobes and swirling fog as you stalk your enemy in an attempt to destroy their base with the state-of-the-art laser gun and body armour. Let the battle commence. Powpow! The Arcade / Pool experience is not all about bowling, challenge your family or friends to a game of pool as well of plenty of other games to choose from. After the bowling, battle game, pool games, challenge yourself to the Sing Dizzy Karaoke experience, you'll find 3 specially-designed pods for 8-15 people, over 6,000 songs to choose from, flat screen TV, surround sound, wireless mics and touch screens. Each pods provides a box of goodies of costumes, hats, wigs, masks & etc to make sure you look the part as well as sound it. While parents are battling in the field, game, karaoke or sit back and relax, let the little ones explore the Lil' Pins soft play area where they will find slippery slides, wobbly scramble nets, tunnels to crawl through and soft blocks to jump into. There are separate area for the under 3s and below 12s. Lil' Pins soft play is available at Tenpin Feltham and Tenpin Gloucester. Want to try something different, try the Adventure that's out of this world. As a part of a team of intrepid space explorers. When your ship landed in an unknown territory on Sector 7, your must protect your team from an alien invasion by leading them safely through swirling fog and flashing lights. It is an ultimate lazer experience with amazing video effects, strobes, UV lighting and fog with a 4D experience. Lastly, Get ready to dance yourself dizzy! Follow the moves of a real dance coach and learn the favourite dance routine. Dance Dizzy is suitable for all ages. A perfect party night out for Kids and Adults alike. Tenpin offers different special offers to suit every requirement to enjoy the day or night away with family or friends or officials.


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