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Borrow money for up to £8000 at GissaCar

Borrow money for up to £8000 at GissaCar

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You can borrow money from £750 to £8000 and repay them within 3 month to 24 months. Please visit the site to learn more details.

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Gissacar, a financial company with over 40 years of standing and a nationwide presence, offers logbook loans, personal cash loans, and car finance, against cars.

The major products on offer include:

  • Gissacar quick cash logbook loans: Giassacar is the cheapest logbook loan provider in UK. Gissacar's logbook loans are is a viable and less-expensive alternative to payday loans, and offer longer repayment periods as well. The loan is easily available, regardless of the credit score.
  • Gissaloan Gold: Gissaloan Gold, available to those with less serious credit score issues, offers the lowest logbook loan rates. The interest rates are flexible, and depends on the credit score. The least interest rate would be when all payments are up to date and there are no County Court Judgements or defaults for the last 24 months. There is also the opportunity to get attractive Gissacar deals using Gissacar promotional codes from sites such as
  • Gissacar back on the road: This product builds on Gissacar's background is car finance, and offers customers who have established a credit profile with the company a chance to buy a new car.

Gissacar products are attuned to fulfilling customer’s needs. Not only does it make the process of getting loans easy, quick, and convenient, it also makes available loan to those who cannot access conventional loans, owing to various reasons such as poor credit scores, or lack of collateral. The application process is easy, and can be by phone, through the web, or in person. The website offers an intuitive slide calculator that calculates the monthly payment for the amount and duration.

Customers can take advantage of Gissacar promotional codes. Customers who quote a Gissacar promo code, available from, on their loan application would receive a cash back after making their first monthly instalment, or become eligible for any other promotion, as specified in the Gissacar promo code.
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