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20% Off Seeds When You Buy 7 Packs

20% Off Seeds When You Buy 7 Packs

Note: when you buy 7 packs of seeds

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Enjoy 20% off seeds when you buy 7 packs at Gardening Direct.

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when you buy 7 packs of seeds
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New And Existing Customers
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09. July 2014

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  Gardening Direct is the gardeners’ first choice for garden plants online. They offer a wide variety of plants, from plug plants and garden plants to garden essentials. Their tailored range of garden plants and plug plants include impatiens, begonias, geraniums and petunias, great for any garden design. See Gardening Direct`s complete range of bedding plants online. Choose the right plug plants for your garden with their helpful advice pages, and guides to their extensive range. You can also choose from any of their established garden plants online. Gardening Direct offers a wide range of plug plants and perennials to ensure that your garden will look its best all year round. Whether you’re searching for garden plants to surround your lawn, or plug plants for hanging baskets, Gardening Direct stocks a large collection of plants online to allow your garden or patio to fulfil its potential. If you’re looking for specific plug plants, you will find that Gardening Direct has a wide variety of garden plants online. Search through their range of garden products to fill your garden with fantastic colours and scents. Pick any of the fantastic garden roses, or look for something a little less prickly but just as colourful in their range of bulbs and flowers, ensuring your landscaping efforts won’t go unnoticed amongst the shrubs. Gardening Direct can offer you everything from fully grown roses, bulbs and shrubs ready for potting straight away, to vegetables and garden plants in bedding, climbing and hanging varieties in a huge range of colour combinations to supplement your landscaping design. Whether you pot young plants on, grow your plants from seed or buy bulbs, get them delivered direct to your door from Gardening Direct. Gardening Direct offers only the highest quality plug plants for your garden; design your garden scheme and order your garden plants online with Gardening Direct. Then get planting your plug plants as soon as they arrive directly to your door.  
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