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FreeGo - dedicated to bringing you the best allergen-friendly, healthy foods.

FreeGo is the go-to place for those in search of gluten free food. Sourcing gluten free food from around the world, FreeGo have a wide selection of food designed for those who suffer from Coeliac Disease. Developed by Adriana Rabinovich who studied at Leith's School of Food & Wine along with a team of tech-savvy folk, a nutritionist and product specialists, FreeGO go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to sourcing tasty gluten free food.

Freego stands for healthy food

From Australian liquorice to Korean seaweed snacks, Italian pasta, Irish biscuits and bread from the good old U S of A, FreeGo source with taste, range and customer convenience in mind. FreeGo's range of products includes a selection of food from some of the most well known brands, both for gluten free food and standard products, so even if you are not allergic to gluten and you just want to change to a healthier way of eating, you have plenty of choice at FreeGo. Their brand range includes Kallo, Nairn's Oatcakes, Portlebay Popcorn, The Primal Kitchen and Le Pain des Fleurs.

As well as a wide range of gluten free products such as oatcakes, bread mixes, soups, lagers and beers, ready meals, stir-fry sauces, cookies, gluten free flour and rice, FreeGo have a recipe section with a delicious range of recipes for gluten free family meals, cakes, desserts and suggestions for Afternoon Tea. There's a brilliant gluten free essentials bundle pack of key products to get you going as well as advice on living with Coeliac Disease and going gluten free with kids.

FreeGo is a veritable virtual kitchen cupboard of gluten free yumminess.
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