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Free delivery on all orders over £100 at Fencestore

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Get free delivery on all orders over £100 at Fencestore

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Fencestore is an online garden fencing expert since 2003 offering a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles of garden fencing panels, fence posts and fencing accessories to create the perfect fencing solution. Garden fence probably is the most overlooked yet most obvious serving the first impressive of your garden. Worry no more. At Fencestore, you will find a variety of lattice fence panel designs to make your garden looks different. However, that is not all, you will also find fence post to finials or even gravel boards.

When you come to the Traditional Fence Panels, you will be able to find Lap Panels, Closeboard Panels, Hit and miss Panels as well as Palisade Panels. Lap fence panels, also known as overlap fence panels or simply overlap panels, are the UK's most popular fencing panels. Ideal for garden boundaries, our lap panels offer an economic screening solution. Closeboard Fencing Panels are traditionally used for boundary screening and are more robust than common Waney-edge panels, for example. Each closeboard panel is supplied complete with a top capping. Hit and Miss Fence Panels are wooden fencing panels made from two layers of horizontal square-edge boards, with the boards to each layer offset-spaced to provide a clean-lined, modern hit and miss effect. Palisade Fencing panels (also known as picket fence panels) are pre-assembled wooden fencing panels made from vertical square-edge pales each with square, round or gothic tops, set to an open-slatted design and fixed to horizontal supporting rails.

The Fencestore's Premier Fence Panels includes Horizontal Weave, Horizontal Weave Trellis, Chevron Weave and Chevron Weave Trellis. Horizontal Plain Weave panels offer continental style with a more traditional form and have a high-quality finish, ideal for boundary fencing. These are the UK's most popular type of continental fence panels. contemporary panels are made from durable pressure treated panels and have a 15 year anti-rot guarantee. Chevron Weave Pressure Treated Fence Panels are manufactured from smooth planed and diagonally spaced boards, offset either side of diagonal battens to create a 'V' chevron design and secured within a full outer frame. Chevron Weave Trellis panels are a decorative alternative to the standard Chevron Weave fencing panels and feature an attractive trellis section.

The Trellis Panels are Square Top Trellis and Curved Top Trellis. The Square top Trellis Pressure Treated Panels are perfect for partial decorative screening of a patio area or simply where you wish to encourage the growth of climbing roses or other plants.  Whereas the Curved Top Trellis panels are perfect to be used as decorative partial screening as well as to promote vertical growth of climbing plants.

Fencestore's Gates section offers Traditional Gates, Premier Gate, Palisade Gates as well as Gate Fittings. The Traditional gates includes traditional style fence panel with hedging or brickwork with a 10 years anti-rot guarantee. The Premier Gates are manufactured using smooth planed and spaced boards, offset either side of battens and all secured within full outer frames with 15 years anti-rot guarantee. palisade gates are designed to accompany your 3 or 4 ft perimeter palisade fencing. They are also ideally suited for use with front gardens, between hedging or low-level brickwork. Gate Fittings are classic latch, ring latches and hinge sets suitable for both traditional and continental-style gates, each come complete with screws, bolts and a protective coating.

The Fence Posts section offers Sawn Fence Posts and Planed Fence Posts. The sawn fence posts have a rough look and rustic feel which are more suitable for our traditional range of fencing panels.
Where as the planed posts feature neat lines which gives a fresh, modern look. Planed posts are suitable for use with contemporary-style fence panels.

Lastly the Fencing Accessories section offers the Post Supports to help installing new fence to concrete or into hard/compacted soil. Treatment is where you are recommended to coat your fencing with colours of your choice as well as to increase their longevity. Clips and Fixings are designed to help you attach a fence panel to its posts. Fencestore also offers the gravel boards which prevent your fence panel from any direct contact with the ground and stop your penals from becoming damp and decaying.

Fencestore provides free UK delivery for all your fencing panel orders so why wait. Shop now at Fencestore and gives your garden a new look.
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