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50% off on sale items at Eden Park

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Eden Park is a leading French fashion company, with strong links to the world of rugby.The French rugby team have always been known for playing with style and enthusiasm. They brought excitement and flair to the game, with a flowing, high risk style that not only made them winners, but made them thrilling to watch. When Eden Park was founded by five French international players they brought that flair and style to the world of ready to wear fashion. From the original, elegant, quirky and humorous pink bow tie, they have developed a brilliant range of clothing and accessories.The Eden Park logo is its famous Pink Bow Tie. In 1987 five French international rugby players decided to play the French championship final wearing pink bow ties. A brilliant combination of humour and elegance, the pink bow tie soon became the symbol of Eden Park. They provide a range of fashions and accessories for men, women and children. So save big now with our new eden park voucher codes and eden park discount offers.
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