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Clogau is known for creating unique jewelry of the highest quality, beauty and originality. Within each piece of Clogau jewelery of gold is the same as British royal family for over 100 years.Clogau was chosen to highlight our most precious memories as beautiful and lasting memories of milestone moments that touch our lives. Whatever the occasion, every piece of Clogau jewelery tells a story, personal and meaningful to you is.  For nearly 20 years, Clogau Gold has been manufacturing the finest jewelry, with a touch of rare Welsh gold. Quite by chance, born due to a series of events, Clogau Gold is today recognized a one-of-a-kind jewelry brand for its originality, beauty and superior quality. In 1989, the Clogau St. David's Gold Mine was founded by William Roberts. William wanted to reopen the mine as a tourist attraction, an idea that was overturned by the Snowdonia National Park. As a result, William decided on the idea that there would be more gold in the mine to play. Luckily there was, and a few years worth of small scale mining began in 1992, where precious pink gold began to be extracted. To make the best use of these magnificent gold, William decided to use it to produce jewelry of great beauty and quality, with Wales as the only design inspiration. Initially only 5 lines of jewelry were created. And so in 1992 Clogau Gold was born. A number of factors led to the closure of the mine in 1998. With no gold mining takes place in Wales today is Welsh gold supplies run out eventually, so it might be the rarest gold in the world.  Due to the scarcity of Welsh gold in every piece just a touch Clogau gold is included. This ensures the longevity of Welsh gold supplies, and the affordability of jewellery.Welsh gold is so precious that it has been used since 1911 by royalty. Clogau gold contains a touch of that same gold in every piece of his jewelry, creating a valued partnership with the British royal family. So save big with our new Clogau voucher codes and discount offers for Clogau.
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