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Luxury Belgian Chocolates

Luxury Belgian Chocolates

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Voucher Codes for Chocolate Now!
Chocolate Now! is a family owned business founded in 2005. Specialised in Belgian chocolate, Chocoalte Now let customer choos3e the exact chocolate they want in the box, they will gift wrap them by hand and deliver direct to customer along with a gift tag with personal message – all fromt he comfort of the computer.

All their chocolates are made by leading chocolatiers, using the finest ingredients, and Chocolate Now! carefully pick only the very best from each manufacturer.  Most of their chocolates contain little or no preservatives, so they may have a shorter shelf life - typically around 3 months. If customer want to buy chocolates to eat in a few weeks time, use the delayed dispatch option, and they will pack the box with fresh chocolates just before sending it.

Check out the Self-Select or Fixed Selection or TxtChocs / E-Chocs. Make a decision if you wish to self-select according to your liking or let Chocolate Now! makes the decision for you on their fixed selections of chocolates. Or use the fun and fast option of texting or email with your personal message choosing the size of box and the gift wrap, let Chocolate Now! picking their 40 finest Belgian chocolates right away for you.

Next stage, determine the gift ideas from Christmas, Birthday Gifts, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Anniversaries, New Baby, Thank You, Get Well Soon and any other. Chocolate Now! offers a wide range of packing according to the gift ideas. So choose the right one!

The chocolate selection includes Adele (orange marzipan wrapped in milk chocolate), Amaretto Truffle (dark truffle, rolled in almond flakes, with a dash of amaretto), Apricot Buttercream (fluffy buttercream centre with Apricot in white chocolate), Babette (vanilla cream and Praline in white chocolate), Bailey's Special (Irish cream ganache in milk chocolate), Blackcurrant Ganache (blackcurrant ganache in dark chocolate), Brazilia Wit (caramel with bresilienne in white chocolate), Buck's Fizz Truffle (white truffle with orange and marc de champagne ganache), Caramel Ganache (caramel ganache in milk chocolate), Carré Croquant (milky praline with caramelised nuts covered in white chocolate), Champagne Truffle (truffle centre with Marc de Champagne, wrapped in white chocolate), Cherry Liqueur (cherry Liqueur with cherry in dark chocolate), Christmas Pudding (rum truffle in dark chocolate), Cinnamon Star (milk and white chocolate spiced with cinnamon), Coconut Truffle (coconut truffle, toasted coconut flakes), Coffee Truffle (coffee ganache filling in milk chocolate), Cognac Truffle (cognac truffle in white chocolate shell rolled in milk chocolate), Cointreau Truffle (dark truffle, filled with white chocolate ganache with dash of cointreau), Crème Brulee Truffle (white chocolate crème brulee in milk chocolate and rolled in sugar) Cuvette (praline with caramelised nuts), Dark Chocolate Mousse (chocolate mousse wrapped in smooth dark chocolate), Delilah (walnut and honey truffle in 76% dark chocolate), Filiz (nougat with crunchy feuillantine in milk chocolate), Ginger Cream (dark chocolate ginger filling in dark chocolate shell), Grand Marnier Truffle (dark shell filled with creamy milk Grand Marnier ganache), Hazelnut Whip (hazelnut whipped cream in white chocolate), Ice Mountain (mint cream in a rich dark chocolate), Limona (dark chocolate lemon praline topped with lemon jelly), Madonna (pineapple cream in milk chocolate), Margarita (caramel in Milk chocolate), Milk Chocolate Mousse (chocolate mousse in a smooth milk chocolate manon), Mocha Praline (dark praline with ground coffee), Orange Truffle (orange truffle in dark chocolate), Passion (passion fruit filling in white chocolate),  Penguin (dark chocolate penguin filled with praline), Pistachio Truffle (white pistachio ganache truffle, rolled in white chocolate flakes), Plaisir d'Amour (cream ganache in milk chocolate), Poire William (liqueur ganache in dark chocolate), Princess (white chocolate heart filled with hazelnut praline), Rapsody (milk chocolate with a creamy raspberry centre), Rum Truffle (milk chocolate truffle, rolled in chocolate flakes), Spiced Biscuit Truffle (crunchy nutmeg and cinnamon biscuit pieces in milk chocolate truffle), Strawberry Truffle (strawberry cream in white chocolate), Tangerine Dream (dark tangerine ganache in dark chocolate), Vanilla Truffle (white chocolate with vanilla cream centre), Whiskey Truffle (whiskey centre in milk chocolate) and Xmas Tree (milk chocolate xmas tree, filled with hazelnut praline). 

Withe the selection of finest Belgian chocolate offered by Chocolate Now!, where else can you find the finest chocolate from? Shop with Chocolate Now! and take the opportunity enjoy additional special offers and discounts from today!
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