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Up to 50% Off Sale Items at Calendar Club

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Calendar Club is Europe’s biggest and best calendar store.  As their name says, they have calendars of every conceivable kind available for whatever purpose you may have in mind.  With almost 3,000 varieties of themes, you know you can find perennial favourites such as categories of Animals, Dogs, Family, Art and Humour to brighten up your space.

Aside from desk and wall calendars, Calendar Club also offers address books, engagement diaries, planners and annuals in varied themes so you can bring your favourite pictures with you everywhere you go.  Browsing through their selections, you will be able to find calendars from lighthearted themes of Entertainment, Celebrities, Models, Humour and Home and Garden, to more enlightening topics of Mind, Body and Spirit, Science and Nature, Ethics, and History and Literature. 

Additional variations of the conventional calendar and planner are also available there.  The 16-month family planner that helps to take you gracefully through the hectic year-end holiday season is a handy one to have around.  Calendar Club has numerous topics for you to choose from and their newest selections have super trendy ones such as the Doodle Dan, Mum’s Family Calendar, The Busy Family and The Truth About Mom and Dad planners can all be ordered online easily. 

There are also selections for more official surroundings like the workplace.  These include large-print wall calendars, mega-grid calendars, weekly planners and desk diaries.  Perfect for adding spice to a boring space, these office accessories are ideal for any occasion either as gifts or premium items. 
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