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Set up in 1987 in the rural landscape of Shropshire, CJ WildBird Foods started as a labour of love by a wildlife enthusiast, Chris Whittles. From a little venture of research and providing a small range of seeds for wild birds, CJ has now become a world leader in research, design, development and supply of wild bird and wildlife food as well as feeding products. Today, they are well-known as the authority on developments on the caring of wild and garden birds as well.  Some of the bird foods used commonly today is a direct result of their research.  Some examples are the black sunflower seed, sunflower hearts, Nyjer seed and kibbled sunflower seed.

When it comes to bird food, look further than CJ Wildlife. With their special range of bird foods, you will be able to get a variety to choose from.  There are seed mixes, straight seeds, peanuts, live foods, fat balls as well as fat and suet treats to pick. For each of these, there is a variety to choose – even better, there are specially packed taster packs available to get the most of every world. For instance, live foods taster packs combine a special concoction of waxworms, mealworms and earthworms which are great and nutritious for robins, thrushes, blackbirds and, if you love wildlife, hedgehogs as well. For the squeamish wildlife-lover, seed mixes are optimal for your beloved friends living in the wild. These are nutritious and can be easily dispensed by anyone, which is exceptionally useful if you aren’t around to top up the feeding bowls.
CJ Wildlife also sells feeders.  Aside from the usual seed feeders, there are peanut feeders, peanut cake feeders, nuttery feeders and specialist feeders – all to attract different types of wildlife to your feeding spots and feed. Aside from feeders, they also sell nest boxes. These are environmentally-friendly and suitable for most habitats of all kinds of birds. Whether it is a general nest boxes, woodstone boxes or specialist boxes you need, they have one to suit your wildlife species. These are really easy to put up and clean as well.
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