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Free UK Standard Delivery at Ben Sherman

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The first Ben Sherman shirt was launched in 1963 by the founder Arthur Benjamin Sugarman. Ben Sherman basic design was influenced by the classic American Ivy League shirt. Ben's design vision added the back hook, the button on the back of the collars and most importantly his feel and passion for fabric, pattern and colour created a unique garment. In addition, Ben used Oxford fabric in pale shades, pale pink, yellow and blue. He used candy stripes, again, using pale pinks, greens and blues. All the special fabrics used were all from America. He also decided to box each shirt individually and it was a big success.

British youth culture embraced the Ben Sherman shirt, loving it for its quality, slim-fitting style, its colour and unique design. The feeling was that there simply had never been anything on the English scene like it. The Ben Sherman shirt was revolutionary and so was the ‘mod movement’. Through fashion and music, London and Britain were cool again, the swinging 60’s was in full flow and the atmosphere was europhic.

Having existed for 5 decades the Ben Sherman shirt and brand have been adopted by almost every youth culture or style movement of the last 5 decades, from the mods to 2 tone and ska, to brit pop and is today still worn by the current bands and style leaders of the current decade.

At Ben Sherman online shop, you will be able to find Shirts, Chinos, Trousers, Shorts, T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Jumpers, Cardigans, Jackets, Coats, Blazers, Jeans, Plectrum,and many more all under the Clothing section.

Under the Trailoring section, Ben Sherman offering Suits, Blazers, Formal Shirts, Ties, Pocket Squares, Scarves and Waistcoats to suit the special occasions.

The Accessories section sells Bags, Belts, Ties, Cufflinks, Hats & Caps, Wallets, socks and much more.

Besides clothing, tailoring and accessories, Ben Sherman also offers Shoes to match for all occasions from casual to formal.

The Ben Sherman shirt is an icon and there is simply nothing like an original Ben Sherman shirt. You won't be regretted shopping with Ben Sherman!
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