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If you are looking for a place that sells and teaches (yes, teaches) about beauty tips and brands, the Urban Retreat Beautique is for you. They first came on the scene in 2005 with an award-winning quarterly magazine which offered informed views and opinions about the best in hair and beauty. Having evolved into a fully functional online retail store, Urban Retreat stands out as the foremost in beauty matters as their knowledge comes from trusted experts and years of experience in the industry. Regular research and communication with the world’s leading beauty specialists ensure they are always ahead of the competition.

Their products are divided into hair products, skincare, bodycare, makeup, nails, fragrances and products for men. Skincare is by far the most popular and diverse of categories and you will be able to browse through an almost endless range of brands and items.  These include cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks, suncare products, exfoliators, scrubs, acne-treating creams, night creams and mists.  These cater to every skin type and skin woe you may wish to take care of.  Even if it’s something a little more serious like acne, pimples, premature aging or wrinkling, and pigmentation, there will be something that can help ease some of your skin woes away.

Pamper your hair and get those luscious locks with Urban Retreat’s fabulous hair products. Fix those tresses with a great salon finish. Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair treatments and even hair extensions – all can be found at their online retail store. There’s a wide range of hair brands to choose from for every hair-related concern you may have. Buying the latest fragrances is also really easy. They have fragrances for both men and women and these offer the latest in top fragrances as well as all-time favourites. To create a scent not just on your body but your home, choose from their scented candles range and get one that will make your personal space even more delightful.
Browse through their range of bodycare products too. They have shower foams, shower creams, scrubs, soaps, bath foams, body moisturizers, lotions, suncare products, self-tanning lotions, slimming and toning oils, slimming packs and even hair removal gels and creams. Products for men are also abundant so the guys can look every bit as dishy! Urban Retreat Beautique is really the one-stop place for everything you need to look every bit the gorgeous person you are. 
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