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15% with the Avis Sale at Avis

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Today, Avis worldwide operates in over 4,000 locations in 114 countries. Energy, enthusiasm, innovative industry leadership and an ethos of continuous improvement have characterised the company for many years. If you're looking for weekend car hire then look no further, with prices as low as £16 a day, weekend car hire is now more affordable. With only 52 in a year, be sure to make the most of them and get on the open road and explore the UK with Avis. Corporate car hire? For business car rental services choose Avis!If you are renting for business Avis has a wide range of products and services to accommodate all your rental needs. Chose the service that better suits your need, register and book online or contact their dedicated team for any assistance you may require. From small city cars to premium cars and people carriers, Avis has it all. Go to and click "UK Fleet" to view their fleet. They have the car that fits your needs (or maybe even just your wants!). Avis has also developed a range of products to help make your rental more convenient from Delivery and collection to Avis Select Series. With Delivery and collection we will bring the car to you at any UK address, so you no longer need to go to the Avis branch we now come to you. Avis Select series allows you to guarantee the make and model of car you want to drive and is available at select branches across the UK. Avis ensures a stress-free car rental experience by providing superior services that cater to our customers' individual needs...always conveying the 'We Try Harder®' spirit with knowledge, caring and a passion for excellence.
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