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AlterEGlow is founded in 2001 to develop, manufacture and sell the latest novelties to the public and other retailers. AlterEGlow offers a wide range of vibrant, fun and innovative products to light up, glow or brighten up the days. AlterEGlow's glow products are the official Europen distributors of OmniGlow branded products.  AlterEGlow as well retail a large selection of flashing novelties, club and rave wear, gadgets and educational toys.

Glow sticks were created in the 60's by a chemist to explain the process of chemicals emitting intense light without giving off heat. At AlterEGlow, customer will find glow sticks from 1.5" mini light sticks to 40" jumbo glow batons. Glow sticks are perfect for festivals, raves, parties and an alternatively light sources whilst camping.

Difference sizes glow stick gives difference usages such as the Mini Glow Sticks, although commonly used for raves and parties. Mini Glowsticks can be used as bait when fishing or temporary outside lighting. They glow for a staggering 8-12 hours. The Standard Glow Sticks which usually from the size of 4-8 comes in range of colours and a hook so they can be attached to a layards or hung in the tent for a light-weight choice of lighing. They are perfect for raves, parties or camping. The Jumbo Glow Sticks are the most famous and longest in the business ranging from 10 to 40. Emit more light and longer duration from 12 to 24 hoours which commonly used by professionals for diving, search and rescues. AlterEGlow world exclusive OmniGlow Spot Glow Badges can be custom printed for promotional use. The Spot Glow Hearts are fun and romantic, just simply squeeze to activate the glow and place them around the home or use them for special dinner instead of candles. No matter what the occasion is, buy the glow sticks from AlterEGlow which offer the cheapest and long lasting glow sticks on the market.

The Club & Rave Wear section offers a wide selection of rave clothing, costumes and accessories. From Neon Face & Body Pint, Contact Lenses, Hair, Make Up & Nails, Headwear, Whistles & Horns, Glasses & Sunglasses, Socks, Tights & Leg Warmers, Neon Tutus, Gloves & Sweatbands, Leggings & Hotpants and more. From top to toe, AlterEGlow have everything you possibly need to feel special and unique.

The Glowing and Flashing Jewellery includes Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings and Earrings which make you stand out from the crowd.

Check out the Gadgets and Gifts section which offer everything for the family. From Lighting & Lamps, Toys, Party & Drinking Accessories, Safety Gadgets, Gadgets for the Home, Gadgets for Pets, Joke/Funny Items, Outdoor/Night Toys, Laser Pods, Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers, Umbrellas, Light-Up Balloons and much more.

Lastly, the Flashing Novelties which offers a variety of LED novelty toys which are second to none in both quality and value. Find novelties that light-up, make sound, blink, flash and anything else children could expect from a toy. From Swords & Batons, Novelty Wands, Novelty Torches, Bubble Guns, Headwear and others.

Rest assure that every each of the AlterEGlow products are manufactured to the highest standard with minimal environmental impact, CE marked and conform to the RoHS Standard.
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