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Voucher Codes for is a site that specialises in providing consumers with financial products for motor vehicles, for both private and corporate clients. is Fca authorised and gives its customers the ability to buy vehicle insurance products online.

Services offered by to all clients

The following services are offered to all clients:
  1. Free and easy access to all products
  2. Tailor made products to fit the client’s needs
  3. Reliable advisory services on all products.
  4. 24 hour claims support

Products offered by offers a wide range of insurance products under Gap insurance. These include:

  • Return to invoice Plus - This insurance policy covers the difference in case of a Total loss claim, between an insurance settlement and the original invoice total.

  • Contract hire plus - This insurance product covers the difference in vehicle value in the case of a Total loss claim insurance settlement. It is designed to cover new and used vehicles that are on contract hire. Contract hire plus also covers outstanding vehicle rentals.

  • Vehicle replacement plus - This insurance policy will either cover the difference in a Total loss claim between the insurance settlement and original value by paying the client, replacing the client’s vehicle with a new one, or with another that is of a similar age as the one originally owned by the client. It is suitable vehicles that are a maximum of seven years old.

  • Agreed value - This insurance policy will cover the difference between the insurance settlement and the value of your car at the time of taking the insurance policy. It is designed to cover used vehicles bought from an individual, company, or at an auction.

These are just a few of the services offered by
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