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Agadon Heat and Design - Designer Radiators without the designer radiator price tag!

Everyone has had that horrible feeling when they come home out of the cold and into a house which somehow feels even colder than outside. This comes from having old or inefficient radiators and the problem is easily remedied with a fresh set of heaters from Agadon Heat and Design. Unlike other radiator vendors, Agadon design, manufacture and sell all their own radiators meaning that you can get designer and bespoke radiators for high street prices.

Agadon designer radiators

The main part of Agadon's appeal is the wide of range of radiators that you can buy from them. There is the simple rippled wall radiators, but for those who are looking for something that combines practicality and good aesthetics, check out their vertical and infrared heater radiators. These hang on the wall but look more like modern art than a radiator, and can be installed at your home for under £100 per radiator. Because each radiator is made by Agadon, you can order them to install yourself or take advantage of their fully qualified and experience radiator technicians who will fit it for you and remove the old ones at the same time.

There's always some sort of sale on at Agadon Heat and Design, whether it's to promote their new infrared technology or a new design for their oval mirror bathroom radiators. However, you can save even more money by visiting ahead of time and arming yourself with Agadon Heat and Design vouchers. You can get Agadon Heat and Design special offers such as 5% of your first order online, or an exclusive Agadon Heat and Design discount of up to 50% on selected sale ranges. So next time it starts to get cold outside, make sure you've got an Agadon radiator waiting for you at home.
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