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The founders of A Quarter Of originally came up with the idea for a fun, old fashioned sweetshop after a conversation in a pub! What used to be a quick idea became one of the biggest online stores for boiled and crunchy, chewy and soft sweets. A Quarter Of offers you all kinds of sweet delights – wether you're a fan of Rhubarb and Custard, Aniseed Balls, Yorkshire Mixture, Mints, Candy Watches, Toffee, Lollies, Jelly Beans, Sweet Bananas, Space Dust, Bubblegum, Chocolate Coins, Fudges and many more. You can search the site for your favourite childhood sweets – either by looking for the name of the product or by choosing one of the many delicious flavours, such as: Chocolate, Apple, Coconut, Ginger, Mint, Rasberry, Watermelon, Treacle or Milk.

Also, you will find a massive range of sweets at A Quarter Of just waiting to be personalised. Get the perfect gift or party giveaway with their personalised wrapped lettered rock pieces, sweets in printed wrappers, logo lollipops, lollipos in printed wrappers, personalised gift boxes and little promo giveaway bags filled with the sweetest things.Additionally, you will be able to find lots of candy at A Quarter Of that is sugar, gelatine or gluten free. Find the best deals and coupon codes to save big at this sweetshop with its huge selection here on
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